Unveiling Joy empowers Arab women to pursue safety, hope and joy while lifting the veil of anguish and abuse.

We provide solutions and bring joy to Arab women and their families to give them new days filled with hope and healing.

It's a Real Problem with Real Solutions

Lack of Human Rights

Human Trafficking

Child Brides

Chronic Depression

No Safe Place

Unveiling Joy is a collaboration - groups and individuals joining every day – a platform for those who care and are willing to do what they can to help.

  • We raise awareness of the problem using social media and events.
  • We collaborate with people to fund projects that practically transform women and their families.
  • We create and strategically scatter digital media to educate and liberate women and their families.
  • We partner with on-the-ground organizations to bring practical help to women and their families who reach out in need.

No One Deserves This

WARNING - This Video Reenactment Depicts Domestic Violence and Contains Images Which Some Viewers May Find Disturbing

Gender violence, manifested essentially as violence against women, is one of the most significant epidemics in the Middle East today.

César Chelalataken from article from The Globalist "Domestic Violence in the Middle East"

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Unite with them. Help write the ending to this story.