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One of the most effective ways we use media to bring helpful information in the MENA region is through Internet Radio and Social Media combined with follow up online and offline.

Unique Focus

Our partners are broadcasting Internet Radio focusing entirely on Arabic speaking women 25 to 30 years old. These radio programs reach people across Libya, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia, with programming designed to address the specific interests and needs of young women in these countries.

Our Radio Partner Shared:

“The majority of responses come from Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Egypt, and Iraq. We had 90,000 listeners and 23,000 private messages in 2019! Women are finding hope and joy!!!”

Strategic Partners

Nothing we do is accomplished alone. We are grateful for support from people like you who gave us the initial start-up money to begin producing radio content. THANK YOU! You are now part of our Strategic Partner Team!!

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