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Who We Are and
How We Started

This Story Starts in North Africa

In 1997, there was group of about 30 young people (and a few wise sages offering guidance), full of passion like seldom seen before, and making a huge impact in the lives of women in areas where new ideas and cultural changes are forbidden. Their initial contact with their audience was through production and broadcast of sensitive, relevant, and engaging programming, focused on women’s needs – via satellite, streaming, and radio. Episodes cover topics such as Childhood Sexual Abuse, Confrontation, Depression, Domestic Violence, Fear, Manipulation, and Parenting. As a result, their counseling group is absorbed in over 15,000 conversations per month online (mostly through social media and cell phone apps) when – in that year – the crisis of a budget shortfall hit…

The second part of the story occurred on the other side of the world in the US. A romance started between two compassionate people in their mid-years. She had a long career bringing mental health to the far corners of the globe by bringing wholesome translated counseling materials through local partners. He was an engineer and leader of a manufacturing business, with a gift for intensely rational thinking outside the box, and a clear focus, able to lead teams to their goals.

Now together in marriage, their paths crossed with the creative group working in the Middle East and North Africa who were doing so much with so little. What did Providence have in store for this unlikely connection?

Might it be to offer a seat to everyone – those who care – to this drama of the ages? This is the third and final part of the story. It is being played out right now on the stage of the world. Women in some of the most closed and oppressive countries are leading a quiet revolution.

Their struggle has led to the birth of Unveiling Joy. They are unknown heroes. They long to be free of the abuse which their culture and society egregiously supports. They don’t have access to safe places, but they are moving the needle rapidly. They deserve our help.

Unveiling Joy

is a collaboration of groups and individuals joining together every day – a platform for those who care and are willing to do what they can to help. Each day we hear from women who are finding not only hope and restoration, but practical wisdom to take control of their own lives, and rise above the difficulties they face.

On this website you will read some of their stories. Names have been changed for security reasons. Find camaraderie with them. Unite with them. Carry them as they struggle in their revolution from misery and abuse to human dignity.

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