From one of our partners about a young lady in Algeria…

She said of her life, “I was bandaged with fear.”  She had lost all hope and dreams of a good life because of her father who is incredibly harsh with her.  She had been suffering from this abusive treatment from her father since early childhood.  He is a heavy alcoholic who physically beats her for the silliest of reasons. She is not his only victim; he also beats her mother mercilessly.  As a result, she is suffering from psychological trauma.  He forbids her from going out.  She even has to open her Facebook profile in secret.  She started to search for a love relationship through Facebook, but she couldn’t find true love.  She wished to die, every single day, for death seemed the only way to stop her pain, even though she knew there was hell awaiting her on the other side.  She thought that God is the one who inflicted this hardship on her and He is to be blamed.

As soon as she made contact with our follow-up team, she began a conversation with someone who cares, and had walked that same path.  She became aware of the truth about her situation, and her true value as a human.  She learned how to respond in her most difficult situations. Now she thanks God for the changes in her life, and continues to grow in the things she has learned.

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