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During Ramadan – as people choose to spend more time with their families – we would normally expect our follow up work to slow down. Imagine, therefore, our surprise to receive thousands more comments and messages than in previous months of the year.

Our care teams were able to talk one-on-one, with 1,692 individuals – a rise from a monthly average of 207!  That is 1,692 men and women, many of whom are grappling with fear, doubt, anxiety, grief, and loneliness, who received help and encouragement from our team.

There remains much fear throughout the Arab world, but we are glad that people are confiding with our team. They want to know they are not alone and that they have access to practical help.  

For some, we are the only place where they can safely be themselves, feel heard, and share their hurts and worries. The loving response they encounter is life-changing.  Thank you so much for your financial gifts, which are absolutely vital as we produce programs and content which will empower women to embrace positive changes in their lives. Every small donation will help us continue reaching and supporting the people of North Africa and the Middle East.

TOGETHER, we ARE making a difference!

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