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Unveiling Joy is a collaboration of many groups, all working toward making resources and help available to Arab women who live in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as for those who reside in other parts of the world, including the USA.

Susan Ryan, a trauma healing facilitator at an Unveiling Joy partner center in Arlington, Texas, shared,  “The center meets many vital needs for large numbers of Arab women from many countries residing in Arlington. Learning a new language, a new culture, and making new friends is difficult, especially when raising children and, in some cases working.

One unseen but profound need can make the adjustment to their new home far more challenging.  Many of our new neighbors have come from conflict-affected regions, and they have experienced significant loss and trauma.

These women need a safe place to share their stories and heal in community.  The center provides trauma healing, enabling participants to experience freedom from past trauma and engage their new lives with more remarkable ability and fresh hope.”

You can make a difference for the Arab women close to home by supporting this local women’s center.


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