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Remarkable Impact Data Just In at Unveiling Joy!

The current Covid-19 situation has opened a more significant opportunity to connect with Arabic speaking women.

The fear and anxiety that is overtaking the world is triggering many people to seek help and protection. That leads many of them to contact our partners for encouragement, helpful information and counseling.

Also, with most Arab families also on lockdown, they are watching TV for long stretches and they are active on Social media more than ever.

For example, In February and March, our Arabic language videos were viewed almost 900,000 times compared with 96,000 for the same period of 2019. That is an over 830% increase!

The number of individuals receiving counseling has also risen significantly. In February and March 2020, the follow up team counseled 7,500 compared to less than 3,000 during the same period of 2019. That is an increase of over 150%.

Unique users on our partners’ Arabic language social media channels between January and March 2020 numbered over one million individual engagements compared to less than 231,000 during the same period of 2019. That is an increase of more than 330% compared to 2019.

In other words, engagement with the Arabic families exceeded above and beyond our objectives for 2020. We are experiencing unprecedented opportunities to share valuable and lifesaving information and help.

Our Arabic language partners have already tripled their social media efforts by increasing the Arabic video production and posts. In fact, they are posting a new video and seven posts every single day now. Arabic language programs are broadcasting live on social media five times a week, whereas before the COVID 19 virus, they were not producing any live programs on their social media platforms.

As you can imagine, this unexpected, sudden increase in social media is substantially boosting engagement with Arabic families.

Due to the current situation, we expect a significant increase in some areas, such as the number of counseling, video views, and unique engagement.

We need your help to continue support the response team as they work in this effort. What an incredible opportunity for all of us to join and make this help possible.

Your small gift today will help us ensure that all calls are answered and that conversations continue to bring help and joy to many women. Thank YOU for being a part of our Unveiling Joy team!

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