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Our partner center in Arlington, Texas, recently hosted Thanksgiving lunch for 40 Arab women.  The day included time to hear and learn about the American Thanksgiving holiday history, helping them understand American traditions and culture.

The discussion also centered around giving thanks in all seasons and circumstances.  This year has proven to be a complicated season, and at times it has been challenging to remain thankful on so many levels.  Conversations such as these are vital and allow the women to share fears and concerns and strengthen and encourage one another.  Many shared thankfulness for the center and those who volunteer there:

“I want to thank my teachers; from them, I learned how to treat others kindly & humbly. You have been a beautiful family in my life” L. from Iraq

“I want to thank all my teachers; I can’t give them enough thanks for all what they do for us to learn the language & get involved in the community” M. from Iraq

“I used to see American ladies from a distance, but I got to know them well in AAWC.  I realized they are very humble, helpful, and respectful. Around them, I feel like a family I know for a long time” H. from Jordan

“In my country, I have never learned English. Because of the ESL class at AAWC, now I can read and communicate with others. The first thing they help within AAWC is to gain confidence that makes you valuable” H. from Morocco

“When Ramadan came, they visited us, bringing Ramadan bags full of groceries and goodies. They made us feel we have friends who care and standing by our side” H. from Jordan

We at Unveiling Joy are thankful for the many supporters who stand with us to bring joy and practical assistance to so many Arab women like these beautiful and strong women in the USA and the Middle East.

We are truly THANKFUL for YOU!

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