“The Door” is an Arabic satellite television/social media web series to help women and their families receive help in the midst of difficult life situations.

The Door Pilot 1:04

This one minute video provides a glimpse into The Door program.

Depression 1:04

Depression and suicide run rampant in the Middle East. See one Arab woman’s story in this short video from “The Door.”

Confrontation 1:04

“I found this show on the Internet that really made me cry. I began to crave something more, so I contacted them and they’re helping me find healing. I get to talk with them often and finally – I can say I have real joy again!” (Fatima in Egypt)

The Numbers Behind The Door

The Door program exposes many hidden issues “behind doors” such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, and gender bias. The first season had over 2 million views. In 2019, about 84,000 people reached out and connected personally with Unveiling Joy’s broadcast and counseling partner. 20,000 of these individuals received in-depth counseling for life issues, including many of the topics shown on “The Door”.

What The Door Program Does

The Door program and our support staff offer and provide practical advice to help suffering women. We provide them with counseling and ways that may help them survive. Women communicate with our support staff through messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, and phone which we provide. We also offer a face to face meeting whenever possible.

Episodes currently airing are covering topics such as

Childhood Sexual Abuse




Domestic Violence

Evil and Suffering








Your Support Will Help Us Be Able to Cover Topics Such As:

Anger | Communication | Dating | Death | Forgiveness | Marriage | Midlife Crisis | Prejudice | Reconciliation | Self Worth and Identity | Verbal and Emotional Abuse