From one of our partners in Morocco:

She called after watching the door program. She has lived many years of her life in bitterness, and we talked about the abuse and violence she had experienced in her life. We called her the following day and talked to her for a long while. She told us about the tragedy she had experienced. She worked for a man, whom he raped her, and he threatened her life if she told anyone, especially the police.

She could not quit her job because she was supporting her family, and she knew that her family would kill her if she told them. A while later, she discovered that she was carrying his baby. She begged him to marry her, and after much hassle and suffering, he agreed. Two months later, he divorced her and left her.

This episode awakened many memories for her. We encouraged her and told her that God would help her. It was tear-filled, and she cried a lot as we felt God’s presence becoming evident as we spoke. We talk often with and encourage her to try and get her to connect with other healthy people in her community.

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