The Time Is Now

For generations, Syria was renowned for rich hospitality and close family networks. It’s described as “the cradle of civilization.” But in 2011 civil war broke out in Syria, and for every Syrian family – life forever changed.

After nine years of horrific fighting including chemical weapons, bombing raids, and vicious door to door attacks, many Syrian families live in despair. Women especially are grieving the deaths of their husbands, and countless still weep over the death of their children during the nine-year war.

Over six million Syrians fled their homeland and are now refugees in foreign lands, and another 6.2 million people are displaced inside of Syria. More than half a million Syrians have been killed during the war, and according to World Vision, as many as 70% of Syrians live in poverty on less than $1.92 per day (worldvision.org).

In this terrible upheaval, more Syrians are looking for hope than ever before. Syrian women, in particular, are open to help and hope after the constant bombardment of bad news during the war. Since most Syrian families own cell phones with access to the Internet, and many Syrian homes use satellite dishes to watch television, the time is now to reach Syrian women and their families with life giving messages in their heart language of Syrian Arabic through television and the Internet.

How Will This Production Bring Hope?

We’re confident one of the ways toward healing and restoration –– is through stories. Among oral cultures like we see in Syria, stories actually reprogram the brain’s schema. In a sense, stories rewrite the hard drive of the mind so healing can begin.

In this new media production, our Syrian production partners plan to interview and film Syrian women sharing personal stories about their challenges and heartaches during the war. Every episode will feature stories of Syrian women who suffered greatly and are now finding joy. As we share these stories of hope and freedom in the Syrian Arabic dialect, we believe thousands of Syrian women will experience healing from their trauma and begin walking in joy with their families.

The production team will film in various outdoor locations across Syria to acknowledge and celebrate the land’s historic beauty and to awaken Syrian women’s memories and hearts to their homeland, while endearing them to this program produced by Syrians for Syrians.

The plan is to film 26 episodes, each 30 minutes in length. Episodes will be written and produced by Syrian women using Syrian colloquial Arabic dialects, with a strong emphasis to share personal stories and counseling content.

This new show will be distributed through Facebook and YouTube and will air on satellite TV.


Unstoppable Women

We are working to provide women with programs that not only strengthen and encourage them, but that also empower them to share that hope and joy with their families and neighbors. By reaching these influential change agents we believe we will see stronger Syrian families and neighborhoods everywhere.

We want to make a difference by using media strategically to work toward unveiling beauty out of the ashes left behind by war, among Syrian women and their families.

Episode Topics Include

We will tell stories and discuss real challenges that Syrian women face including:

  1. surviving harsh environments
  2. shattered dreams
  3. dealing with disappointment, waiting long time for help
  4. dealing with deaths of husbands and children during war
  5. forgiveness
Unveiling Joy
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